You are Smart Enough

Billed as a mythology class, I enrolled in Humanities during my senior year of high school without knowing it was an honors English class. The teacher talked me into staying, but after the third semester, I exited the class. I was smart enough to pass it if I put forth the effort, but emotionally, I could not focus. I still had baggage to deal with and had believed I could not do it.

You could be in a situation right now where people believe you are able to do something, whether its a new computer program, a difficult work assignment, or a class in school you accidentally enrolled in.

Don’t panic.

People often see our strengths before we do, and I think you can do it. I think, if you set your mind to it, you can do anything with a little hard work and confidence. You are smart enough. Don’t let the past or the present deter you from reaching your full potential.