Favorite Reads: The Butterfly Effect By Andy Andrews


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The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters

The book was an unexpected delight and at the same time unexpectedly short. I’m all ready wanting to buy this book for my nephew. It’s inspirational showing the effects of small, every day people who chose to do the right thing and in turn their actions saved lives in future generations. One man’s actions saved our country. I don’t think people realize how every action is important from the conversation you had with a woman at the grocery store to life decisions you make. Your action has a reaction. This book shows how God designed each of us for a purpose, and when you look at the whole picture it is amazing to see how the dominoes fall.

The Butterfly Effect begins like a history lesson, but reads like a novel. I would encourage you not to skip over the Author’s Note. It is very interesting. Give it away to someone who needs to see that their life matters. So much of the time we go through every day without realizing our value in God’s eyes. We are much more than just a grocery store clerk, a government employee, an IRS man, or a custodian. Won’t you spread your wings and beat the air and take a chance on life?

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