Why You Should Read The Recipe First

2014-03-14 19.13.57

Dragon’s Breath Chili by Guy Fieri on the Food Network website surprised me. Every recipe I have made on that site has always been correct on the time it takes to prepare and make the recipe. It was on a Friday night that I chose to make Dragon’s Breath Chili. The recipe said on the phone app, “total: 25 minutes; cook time: 15 minutes; prep time: 10 minutes.” The regular website said the same thing with one difference: “2 hours inactive time.” What does that mean?

The inactive time didn’t show up on the phone app. The cook time should have included the two hours. So needless to say, I was not happy after spending thirty minutes chopping chilies, browning beef, and following the recipe, to read the last line which read, “Simmer about two hours.” On a work night when my husband has to go to bed at eight, it’s a good idea to make the meals quick and convenient, not a two-hour simmer. That being said, the Dragon’s Breath Chili was great.

Safeway didn’t have pablano chilis. I substituted with serrano. I also forgot the tomato paste. To thicken the soup, I tossed a little flour in with the oil and butter and let it simmer as if I were making a roux. In spite of these mistakes, the chili turned out quite flavorful though not “dragons breath” as the title claimed. Maybe the pablano would have given it more spice? Or maybe I should have went with the habaneroes? The preparation time was also not as advertised. You have to roast both the anaheim and the pablano peppers. Other cooks in the review section used a BBQ. I used my broiler to roast the anaheim peppers, then tossed them into a plastic bag, and put it in the freezer as a quick way to loosen the skin. For the lager, I used Alaska brewed beer. Because I didn’t have tomato paste, I took a few sips of the beer to lessen the amount of liquid in the chili.

A recipe for double fried fries is at the end of the recipe. Because chili is high in calories and fat, I decided to go with Parmesan BAKED fries as a healthy alternative. Overall, I really loved both recipes, especially the Dragon’s Breath Chili, and I would make it again. This time I won’t forget the tomato paste and will use habaneros in the place of pablanos to heighten the spice in the chili. I will also let it simmer for two hours to see if the length of cooking will increase the heat.

Humorous note: I chose not to include granulated garlic in the recipe because a head of garlic was used in this recipe already. Too much garlic has a chemical effect on me where I smell for hours after ingesting it like I hadn’t showered in weeks!

Have you ever started a recipe and forgot something? In the comments, tell me about it.