Staying Power #faithjam


Our childhood has left us wandering, seeking the magic prescription to plug the gaping, black void in our soul. We don’t have staying power.

In fact, we don’t know why we pursue unhealthy relationships, more money, or status. A touch, the temporary satisfaction of buying something we can’t afford, or a drink or drugs fail to halt that yearning. That yearning hungers for more and that hunger drives our life as if we have no choice so we flit from job to job; from relationship to relationship; from church to church.  Others disappoint our expectations and we move on.

Oh dear one, the only person who can salve that ache is Jesus! It is time you put down roots and examine your life. You find out the why and you will be free!


12 thoughts on “Staying Power #faithjam”

  1. Powerful message Nikole–thanks for sharing. We are on the same wavelength this week as “spiritual poverty” is the topic I was working on a post for. Great minds think alike, right? Haha. Enjoy your weekend.


  2. stay, rest, wait, all point to His invitation to “abide” in Him
    when I think of Psalm 91 and all that benefits of abiding I wonder why I ever run…


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