Fixating Over Money Issues

Wealthy people are popular targets in today’s society. Most have earned their wealth honestly. Many of them employ us and contribute greatly to charities. Demonizing wealthy people hold us prisoner and hurt people and charities that benefit from their wealth. When we pass laws to level the playing ground, we hurt ourselves and create more poverty. We need to be happy for successful people. Fixating over money issues creates angst.

It creates sinful desire for worldly things. I can feel free to embrace another who has more money than I. I can rejoice in their good fortune. I can do all this because I find joy in watching what God can do in my situation. In my little, God has provided much. He often does that, too, allowing a lack in our lives to either teach a lesson or for it to glorify Him to others or ourselves. The wealthy aren’t the problem and poverty isn’t considered holy or a place to be desired. As a believer, I am excited to see what God will do in my life.


2 thoughts on “Fixating Over Money Issues”

  1. Right on Nikki, class warfare and envy has been a mainstay tactic used very successfully by the left for many years. Even those in the middle class are being exploited by this ploy for political gain by those on the left. Those who fall victim to the love of money and pursue it and not God will never experience true joy and peace no matter how level the government makes the playing field.


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