Book Review: The God-First Life


God uses every medium to speak to us. In this case, The God-First Life: Uncomplicate Your Life, God’s Way by Stovall Weems hit me in part one when Stovall spoke about the urgent versus the important. You can read my commentary on it here.

Many of us can relate to this book. Everything, even the Superbowl, is put before God. Stovall makes a solid point in part one about putting your life in order.

“Once you decide to make God a priority in your life, the next decision is to make His family a priority” (Pg. 31).

The God First Life transitions into part two, New Family, where the topics range from how we fit into our new adopted family to how the church of Acts painted a picture of a true community. In Part three, New Life, Stovall talks about how discipleship was important in his walk with God. I especially loved how Stovall went into the definition of worship, what it is and what it is not. This was recently explained at a church meeting when someone talked about different music tastes. Stovall broke down the Lord’s prayer in his book to teach us how to pray; an expression of worship, not just a grocery list of wants and needs.

Part four is about our new freedom in Christ. He delves into Onesimus, a slave who ran away from his owner. Onesimus’ life was changed in an encounter with Paul. What is remarkable about this story is how Onesimus returned to his owner, bearing a letter from Paul, that asked the owner of the slave to set Onesimus free. Onesimus risked his life in returning to his owner. In those days, runaway slaves were put to death. Onesimus demonstrated strength as he trusted the Christ he recently came to know through Paul. In this chapter, Stovall teaches us how God can unchain our past. This book is perfect for the mature Christian as a refresher course and for the brand-new Christian who asks, “What now?”

I gave this book five stars. This book will be available on March 25.

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