People Need Work


“We work in Congo. We know some of the complexities of poverty. And we know poverty cannot be solved merely by shipments of food, pioneering malaria treatments, or the construction of new homes. To achieve lasting change, people in poverty need work. They need jobs. We recognize many suffer primarily because of lack of opportunities. We committed our careers to providing men and women the financial tools and training they need to lift themselves out of poverty.” – Mission Drift: The Unspoken Crisis Facing Leaders, Charities, and Churches by Peter Greer

I am in the middle of Mission Drift, a book review. So many things spoke to me in this book from major organizations who drifted from their Christ-centered mission to others who have stayed strong in spite of the temptations to make Jesus secondary or not at all. But the quote above reminds me of a story from the mission field.

A group tried to help out people by giving them businesses. It didn’t work out and they revised their plan by giving them low-rate loans they had to pay back as they taught them how to run a business. The second plan worked to free them from the poverty they were in, and while they were still poor, they were eating and living healthier lives. People need work. That is true in the mission field. It is true in America.

I am 12% through the book. I will review it when I am done. But so far I am finding it fascinating.

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