SB1062 Explanation

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer came under intense pressure this week to veto a bill to protect religious freedom. It was inspired by cases of business people being sued for refusing to provide services for same-sex weddings that violated their religious beliefs. To be clear: they said they were fine with serving gay customers, they just didn’t want to be forced to participate in gay marriages. There’s been a media frenzy over the Arizona bill, depicting it as an attempt to legalize anti-gay discrimination. – Mike Huckabee

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2 thoughts on “SB1062 Explanation”

  1. This is nothing more than a mild form of religious persecution and all the buzz is ginned up by the homosexual community in order to advance their depraved, immoral, perverse and sinful ideology. True love towards the homosexual community from the Christian community would manifest itself in the form of witnessing the gospel of salvation and not by participating in their sin which all but ensures their destruction as well as that of the make believer.


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