Ode to My Pastors


Ministry is a battle. Too often we get focused on our “kingdoms” and forget the very human nature of a pastor and his family; forgetting, too, that we should be building God’s kingdom instead of our own. So today, instead of my usual 222 Sundays, I want to share the kind of positive impact my pastors have made in my life. When I am done, would you please feel free to share in the comments some praise for your pastors?

First, Pastor Dennis Beatty and his wife, Gwynn, were directly responsible for winning my husband and I to Christ. When I was a single woman, Gwynn sat with me through the entire service on my very first day to church. Pastor Dennis started a fire in me about the Word of God. He made me understand what “born again” meant.  We were baptized and married under his leadership. I am forever grateful they were in our lives.

Second, Pastor Chris and his wife, Lisa, and family have endeared themselves to us. They redefined prayer and changed our minds on what prayer was–rather than just a grocery list of needs and wants, Pastor Chris taught us how to worship in prayer. Their compassion and love for others reminded me of my own critical nature. 

Thirdly, Pastor Gary Carman and his wife, Karen, were always loving, never breaking a sweat in the face of adversity. Their ministry is to care for the Senior Adults in our church, and both have done an awesome job. Karen is especially wonderful, a good listener, and patient.

Fourth, I want to thank Pastor Dave for showing me how to re-word things. He puts a different spin on things and gives a better definition to saying things better.

Fifth, Pastor Tony Clark and his wife, Jamie, have been warm and friendly. Pastor Tony does a great job with the youth, but it’s his laughter and lightheartedness that makes the office a better place.

Sixth, Pastor Juan is a wonderful Latino pastor. His natural enthusiasm and point of view adds a different perspective to our lives.

And it’s not just pastors that have impacted our lives, but others, too. Today though I want to focus on pastors because they work the front lines of the war. Like the soldiers who faced off their enemy with muskets during the Revolutionary War and earlier, Pastors often take the bullets first. They are the first to fall. So let’s build our pastors up and pray for them. In the comments, tell me why you love your pastor. I encourage you to tell your friends to come here and leave their comments, too.


2 thoughts on “Ode to My Pastors”

  1. God calls and ordains men to shepherd His flock. They indeed do more than the congregation will ever know and do so without complaint. There are times, however, that you can see discouragement and frustration in their countenance. Do not hesitate to pray for your Pastor daily so that God will give him that extra shot of encouragement and strength he might need to make it through the week much less a single day. Help lighten his load whenever possible by not whining and complaining yourself. Keep your eye on Jesus and your mind set on the truth and always strive to edify church leadership. Pastor appreciation day is every day and be thankful you are being led by a shepherd and not a hierling.


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