Pardon My Unbelief


Oh, my soul, knock hard and ask large things of your generous Lord. Do not be bashful when Jesus invites. No unbelief should hinder when Jesus promises. No cold heart should restrain when such blessings are to be obtained. – Charles Spurgeon

Last night I confronted my half-empty faith in my weekly Bible Study. If a terrorist can become a Christian, why then do I have so little faith that, if God wills, He can remove this problem? He has been there all my life, drying my tears and wrapping my heart in His love. So why my unbelief?

Although, its not really an unbelief in Jesus. Hurt can cloud the heart and make seeing clearly difficult. Its Peter stepping out of the boat to walk on water, but soon sinking because he took his eyes off of Jesus. It helps to recall what God has done in my life.

God can still part the seas. He paints rainbows in the sky–a reminder that He keeps His promises. Oh, dear Lord, wash my eyes, use your mud to heal me of my blindness! Heal my wounded heart and right my attitude! In Jesus Name, Amen.

Have you suffered unbelief in a situation? Share that in the comments so we can pray for you.


4 thoughts on “Pardon My Unbelief”

  1. Thank you for sharing, Nikole. I, too, struggle with trusting because of hurt. Praying for healing for your heart. I love the story of Peter on the water, how he sinks when he takes his eyes off Jesus. Sometimes I picture myself even beneath the waves until Jesus reaches His hand to mine and lifts me up again so I can again focus on Him.


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