Anonymous Blogger: Religious Freedom #tcot

My anonymous blogger has returned. It’s my fault on the delay. So here is your political update. Please leave encouraging comments on this blog as she works very hard and hand-writes every post.


Please call state senator Steve Pierce and State House of Representative, Andy Tobin and Karen Fann. Ask them to support passage of SB1062 and HB2153 respectively. These are vital bills to protect every Arizonans free excercise of religion. Specifically, that people do not surrender their religious freedom rights just because they go to work or run a business (see this post on the harm groups are doing to our country), i.e. Hobby Lobby, etc, and would ensure you are properly able to defend yourself in court if private parties try to use the force of government to coerce you into violating your religious beliefs. 1-800-352-8404.

Call McCain, Flake, and Gosar…

1: Ask them to support installations of the Keystone Pipeline for job creation and most effective way to keep the environment most pristine rather than transporting oil by rail.

2: No extension of unemployment benefits unless they can find a legitimate way to pay for them so that it is fiscally responsible to continue new extensions.

3: Pass a balanced budget amendment.

4: Oppose any taxpayer funding of a bailout for the insurance companies if Obamacare fails.

(Anonymous Blogger enclosed a letter from Center for Arizona Policy dated January 24, 2014 for HB2153 and SB1062. You can go to see their website and get updates on these bills.)