It’s Only a Mountain


What if your obstacles are not hills, but mountains?

A man said we go through mountains and valleys. The valleys are the low points. It’s always in the shadows of the surrounding mountains. Throughout our lives we will visit the valley numerous times. The path we travel won’t stay in the valley. Eventually we will begin to climb the mountains and leave the valley behind us. Mountains are difficult to climb.The trail, if we can keep sight of it, winds through treacherous troughs and crevices. Our legs ache. When climbing a mountain, I want to quit and find an easier way.My friends, there is no other way over a mountain. The way is difficult and the air thin. But along the journey you will find joy in the artistry of God and all He is capable of accomplishing. Open your eyes. Look!

The words from Josh Grobans song, “Brave,” come to mind:

“Wake up, wake up, the day won’t wait too long…”

Journeys mean waking early to embrace the day and with it, all its problems and possibilities. It means crossing valleys and climbing mountains. And those days when you are standing on the peak of a mountain, you are speechless with wonder as you stare across the horizon. Light splinters across the sky and you can see everything. Things never look hopeless up there. You have forgotten your aches. But eventually you descend into a valley again. When you do, remember what it looks like on the peak while you cross through the shadows of a valley.

Heartaches and pain won’t last forever.

So keep walking forward and discover joy in the journey. You are not alone!