The Tyranny of Others


The “soul crushing and death-dealing character of slavery” was given rise to by an arrogance that wishes others to work for one’s own gain. – Pg. 160, Humility by David J. Bobb.

Slavery isn’t always about color. Reflect upon the last part of this statement, “…slavery was given rise by an arrogance that wishes others to work for one’s own gain.”

Other people can enslave us so they don’t have to work while we pay the taxes that support them; or while some grow richer through greed on the backs of hard-working Americans by treating them as if the work place is a sweat factory. We don’t have slavery today like they did during Frederick Douglass’ time, but nowadays we have a different kind of slavery–Greed; greed in all forms in entitlement to the very wealthy.

This statement in the book called, Humility: An Unlikely Biography of America’s Greatest Virtue by David J. Bobb really hit me. More on this book later. I am almost done with it so I can review it properly, but I thought I would mention this comment as a reminder to treat others better than yourself. Don’t arrogantly expect people to support you if you are able to support yourself. Do whatever you can to work hard and get out of the pit life has thrown you in. Don’t become a victim. You are better than that, and with God, have a greater purpose in this life!

*Book given by Booksneeze to review. Review will post soon.


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