Duct Tape Syndrome


Understanding the bigger picture of your story is important. You matter to God. You have purpose. But some people walk around as if they have Duct Tape Syndrome.

That’s when you say nothing. You are a stuffer. You think you are insignificant. A pastor at a church said men want significance and women want to feel cared for, secure. I think women are a little of both. You want to feel significant and secure. You wish to matter, but when you stay silent because fear has taped your voice shut you do a disservice to yourself and to those who need to hear your story. That’s why I have begun this social network ministry.

It’s not too late to register. Tomorrow is the deadline. Six seats remain. The New Mission Field awaits your words. When I think of the possibilities of the tools we have now to go into other countries without leaving our home, I get excited.

Let us stop treating our Christian life as if its restricted by the boundaries of tradition. The tools are there for all ages!