The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


Some people didn’t like The Secret life of Walter Mitty. Most loved it. The movie had many tender moments, relieved by silly scenes. Overall, its the kind of movie that inspires you to do something.

Like On a Clear Day, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty begins slowly. Walter works with photo negatives in the basement of Life Magazine, but Life Magazine has been taken over by new management. The last issue will be published in print before the whole magazine goes online. Number 25 by a famous photographer will be published in that last edition, but Number 25 is missing. So begins Walter Mitty’s frantic search for negative 25. Walter Mitty’s new boss says the next time he sees him, Walter better have negative 25.

Walter Mitty has never lost a negative. Over the years, though he has never met the photographer in person, Walter has established a distant friendship with the photographer. He also loves a girl he works with, but the girl doesn’t know it. Walter is so bored with his life that he continuously zones out, disappearing into his make-believe world where he beats up his boss and kisses the girl. The girl helps him look at the rest of the negatives as clues to where negative 25 might be hidden. Walter’s search for the negative takes him to Greenland, a boat, fights a shark, and into Iceland. Even after Life lets him go before negative 25 can be found, Walter continues searching out the photographer to find the negative. The journey takes him all over the world.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is the  kind of movie that inspires you to do something. It says find the courage to step into a helicopter or climb the highest mountain. The nice touch with Secret Life is how they incorporated EHarmony throughout the movie. Todd, the Eharmony guy, becomes Walter’s friend. I gave this movie five stars. We intend to buy it. It’s both funny and serious.


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