Lessons From a Lemon Stand

A generous harvest of lemons came off the tree in our backyard–too much for one family of five to consume. But those lemons became an opportunity for me, then a teen, to make some money.

I checked the prices of lemons at the local Ralph’s Grocery store and made the decision to charge less per lemon at my street side stand. I made $14 and sold all the lemons. This is still how I conduct business today.You might wonder why I would charge so little for my February class. The lessons I learned from my lemon stand remain.

  1. Know your target and be true to your mission. Most people I know are on a limited income. They have stories to share. I want to help them be influential without depleting their income by making my services affordable.
  2. Be competitive. Like the lemons, I also researched what “social media experts” charge. I don’t claim to be a social media expert, but there’s a need for hands-on help, understanding of the technology, and guidance in getting started. Enough free and affordable resources exist online. I am just a person’s jumping off point.
  3. Establish relationships. Part of running a business these days is in establishing relationships with the customer. Social networking is a national conversation. It makes the world just a bit smaller. I’m interested in hearing from people and having conversations with them.

After helping others write down their memories, I discovered a passion for other people’s histories. So much wisdom and life experience are not being shared with this culture. Unfortunately, too many people are confused by the technology or just don’t see the value of their stories. So consider having me at your next event. See  www.thehahnhuntinglodge.com under ‘Ask Me to Speak’ for more information. Meanwhile, here’s a flyer for a recent event.

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