Press Release: Building Bridges


For Immediate Release:

January 2, 2014

Contact: Nikole Hahn


Building Bridges: Blogging, Journaling, and Social Networking for The Next Generation

An age gap exists between seniors and young people. Each have forgotten how to speak the language of the other. Nikole Hahn seeks to help bridge that gap through practical, hands-on lessons in the field of social networking, blogging, or journaling for the next generation.

There are four topics Nikole can speak on: The New Mission Field, Journaling For The Next Generation, Speak The Language: Blogging and Social Networking to Build Bridges, and Become a Citizen Journalist. With the exception of Journaling For The Next Generation, the goal of the remaining three topics is to get people online to share their life experiences and wisdom with the next generation; to participate in the conversations online.

According to Barna Group, How Technology is Changing Millennial Faith, David Kinnaman was quoted as saying,“Instead, Millennials desire relevant, two-way conversations on a wide-range of topics. In many ways, these conversations are already happening online. The digital world simply makes this kind of interaction and transparency a non-negotiable among the youngest generations.” (emphasis mine). Nikole does not advertise as a social network expert, but uses her experiences and knowledge to help someone set up their online platform and point them to the free resources available for beginning bloggers or social networkers.

Journaling For The Next Generation is created especially for Alzheimer and Dementia patients who desire help in getting their memories down on paper. It’s also for those who wish to write their memoir, but need help beginning the process. Nikole will teach each person how to write for the next generation. With old diaries and private letters from bygone ages quoted in many books to interpret history, it’s not unheard of to think someone might someday read your diary or private letter. Use your journal to influence the next generation by writing to them in a way that engages the readers attention.

Nikole is available to speak to a variety of groups, like veteran groups, political groups, church groups, and writers groups; or any group which desires to be an influence, but the technology is too confusing. She can be contacted via email. References available.