Strait of Hormuz


Strait of Hormuz by Davis Bunn is my first experience with Bunn’s novels. I met him in 2012 during the Christian Writers Guild Writing For The Soul Conference. True to reputation, his writing is fantastic.

This reads like a military-spy novel with a dash of romance. Marc Royce is a spy sent to Switzerland to investigate why mysterious cargo is being moved. Complicating his mission is the usual political problems and clash of personalities. While Marc is in Switzerland, Kitra receives a phone call from a mysterious man her father states she must trust. Kitra is sent to Switzerland to save Marc’s life.

A hidden back-story is slowly revealed. Kitra and Marc are in love, but with different life goals that keep them a part. Marc doesn’t want to live in Israel on a kibbutz with Kitra, and Kitra is having a problem leaving her father’s kibbutz.

The dangers escalate and the plot begin to involve Switzerland’s spy network and police. Problems back at home with the CIA’s top ranking officials eventually mean Marc hasn’t any United States back-up for the danger that is rising. Enemies become friends and slowly a worldwide agenda by evil rulers become revealed.

It’s a lot of action and romance with enough tension to keep the story moving forward. I really enjoyed this novel and gave it five stars.

*Book given by publisher to review.


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