Interview With Indelibile Author, Kristen Heitzmann

Today I am hosting an interview with ‘Indelible’ author, Kristen Heitzmann. You can view her website here.

Natalie is eidetic. She is one of the most enduring characters in your book, Indelible. What was the inspiration for Natalie? The role appeared well-researched and I wondered if you knew someone with that kind of memory, or did you just have a fascination with it?

I wanted Natalie to have something to do with sight and seeing beyond the normal capacity. I had learned about eidetic memory a while back and found it fascinating, so that seemed the fit for this character. Making it a disability came out of the story as a source of interior conflict, but as is often the case, it was also a gift forming the basis for her expression through art.

Sculpting and art take up a lot of paper. Do you have a background in it? An interest? Are you artistically-gifted in art?

I am an artist and I feel it’s a great milieu for the characters to join in the process of creation and explore deeper things in life and faith.

What was the inspiration for the town of Redford, or is it a little bit of everywhere? Be specific.

Redford is an imaginary compilation of many Colorado Mountain towns, and just a fun, visual, and precarious setting for much of the action in the story. Living in the foothills and hiking up into the peaks every day that I can increases my awe of God and his creation and restores my soul. In creating Redford I wanted to contrast that glory with the fallen nature of its inhabitants.

Who is Alfred Otto Heitzmann? How did he enrich your life by his presence?

Al Heitzmann was my father-in-law. Highly successful in his field of law, he accomplished big things, yet never boasted. As I said at his funeral, we were in the presence of greatness and never felt small. He lived the last three years of his life (to 97 years old) with us. It was my deep reward and joy to care for him to the moment he died.

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