The Annual Hahn Challenge

Salvation Army Band
Salvation Army Band (Photo credit:

Will you join us as we, once again, surprise the Salvation Army Bell Ringers with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate? Try to do it anonymously. Most restaurants are more than happy to deliver the cup to their bell ringer. It helps them feel a part of encouraging someone they don’t know.



2 thoughts on “The Annual Hahn Challenge”

  1. Just want all to know that not all “bell ringers” are volunteers. Many are paid an hourly rate to ring the bell and ask for donations. But many of those employees come from shelters, half-way houses, etc. But I do think that giving them a cup of coffee or hot chocolate is a good idea. And better yet, maybe more of us should volunteer so that the Salvation Army doesn’t have to expend money to get their donations. I understand that 70% of their donations come from this activity.


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