Love is a Battlefield


In thinking about Sunday’s post, I am reminded of the freedom of praying a prayer of blessing upon our enemies. It’s so tempting to want the worst for them. You want them to feel just as much pain as they have given you, but all that does is begin a never ending cycle. It reminds me of that movie about the missionary who died in the Amazon rain forest.

They showed the tribes seeking bloody revenge on another tribe, nearly wiping out whole family lines in a kind of genocide. It reminded me of why revenge is for the Lord. Only He knows what can CHANGE the person. Anger changes us if we hold on to it too long.

Our enemies don’t care if we hurt. When we withhold emotion or something else from them, we are only punishing ourselves. I recalled this when I finally got to the end of myself and really, genuinely prayed a prayer of blessing upon people who had hurt me badly.  It’s not uncommon to begin the process of forgiving all over again when a new situation arises.

They aren’t going to change.

So why not use this situation as an opportunity to grow?

That is why I am resting at the feet of Jesus, asking Him to take this situation, and help me grow from it; help me see any spiritual blindness on my part; and help me be a better person. Love is a choice. It’s a battlefield.