Changes in 2014


As 2013 slows to an end, I am once again reassessing my time and my writing career. I am asking myself: (1) What are my goals for 2014? (2) How can I utilize my time better? So here are the changes coming in 2014. This hasn’t come without much prayer. Some things will remain the same.

  1. Blogging – Blogging can become stagnant if the writer doesn’t keep her perspective fresh. I admit to experiencing some burn out which has impacted my blogging. It’s amazing what you read into your own writing, and in January, I hope you will be pleased with a fresh perspective. I am taking a blogging sabbatical in December. If you would like to be chosen as a guest blogger in December, read the requirements here. Meanwhile, I will still be blogging three times a week in 2014 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  2. Taking a Break From Social Networking and Blogging on The Fourth Week of Every Month: A family pastor takes a solitude day every once in a while to reconnect with God. I will be taking a week out of every month to not blog, social network, or write; only to read and learn. It’s important to keep up to date on the changes in social networking, blogging, writing, and the publishing industry. So I will be taking the week to stay up to date on things.
  3. No More Than Three or Four Book Reviews a Month: If I can stay true to this and not let my book addiction get the upper hand, this will be true. Mostly my books will be of the traditionally published or independent variety. Seldom will I review a self-published book or novel, giving preference to the independently or traditionally published genre instead. Preference will also be given to those self-published authors that I have reviewed before who have earned a three or larger star rating.
  4. Beginning a Speaking Tour: Stay tuned on this one. I plan on announcing very soon my plans to professionally speak. I have been speaking to groups of twenty over the past couple of years and my confidence is growing. Some would say I have a knack for it. I will allow one eight hour or two four hour speaking gigs a month for an honorarium (plus travel expenses if over an hour away). I say eight-hour because my topic has a practical application very relevant for this day and age. It’s a calling.
  5. A New Novel Will Begin: The Anomaly will be undergoing critiquing by a select few in January, corrected beginning of February and submitted to a publisher. January will find me outlining a paranormal suspense to begin writing in March.

My goal is to balance my life better in 2014, because I tend to be a workaholic. I want my life to mean something and my words to have purpose. This blogging sabbatical that I am taking in December will allow me to prepare for a new website launch, new goals, and a better sense of balance in 2014.

Are you reassessing your writing goals for 2014? Explain.