Baseball, Church, and Home Runs

Every member of a baseball team has specific duties to help the whole team get to the World Series. If one of them seeks self-glorification or total control, the team loses . That’s how I see church.

A pastor once said in a sermon that not one ministry is more important than the other. I also say that not one church (who follows the biblical teachings of Jesus) is less or more important than another church. As a team, we need to take the bat with both hands and step up to the plate. An individual can’t do everything by himself; therefore, we need to focus on our job and trust that the other team members will do their jobs. Trust is important in every relationship.

In the friendships we make on Sunday to the friendships we cultivate during the week, trust is an important ingredient. Controlling people will always exist. People who are hard to please will always add a bit of a shadow to your day. But as a church, we need to put aside petty differences and remember that we are a team. Together our differing ministries can work towards a common goal: Evangelism, love, and ultimately someone coming to know Jesus in a real and personal way. That’s a home run, a win for the Lord, and what grows strong ministries.

In the comments, tell me stories of your ministry to encourage others in the church family.

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