Clear, Winter Nights


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Clear Winter Nights: A Journey into Truth, Doubt, and What Comes After

In Clear, Winter Nights by Trevin Wax, Chris breaks up with his fiancee and stops participating in a church plant. The novel takes us on a journey through Chris’ questions from doubts stemmed by his religious studies professor.

Most of the novel takes place during Chris’ visit with his grandfather over New Year’s weekend. Some novels of this ilk come off as preachy and contrived, but not Clear, Winter Nights. I thought it eloquent in its delivery of Christian beliefs, bringing us back to the grace of Christ on the cross. The novel explores a common theme found in college life these days–doubt. Chris began to doubt his faith and his love for Ashley. Most of his doubt comes from the anger he doesn’t know resides inside of him for what his dad did, and in Clear, Winter Nights, Chris begins to face his demons.

Clear, Winter Nights gives us a novel filled with warmth, family values, and general acceptance of those who have questions. I gave this novel five stars and recommend it for doubting Christians.

*Book given by publisher to review.