Get a Hobby

office space

Fox and Friends said 34% of Americans don’t want a job. The lack of fulfillment in the job was cited as the reason. My message to that 34%?

Get a hobby. Your job is necessary as part of being a responsible adult to your family and to the economy.  I am reminded of a famous quote from Office Space:

“Peter, most people don’t like their jobs. But you go out there and find something that makes you happy.”

Happiness is a choice, too. We can find joy in the most menial tasks by simply choosing not to dwell on what makes us unhappy. If you want fulfillment, volunteer after work and, in the process of finding your own fulfillment, you help others. No one owes me a living, a roof over my head, or even health insurance so liking my job has never been on the top of my list.

I consider it my responsibility to work for the things I enjoy, even if that work becomes tedious or hard.  My fulfillment is coming home each day knowing I have contributed to a healthy society by helping my job and my family succeed. When I don’t find fulfillment at the workplace, I find it here in my writing and in the evenings my husband and I share together.

Is your job fulfilling? If so, how? If not, how can you make it fulfilling?