Don’t Hesitate

Don't Hesitate

“What about His reaching across cultural barriers to give value and worth to the socially outcast? Do you think Jesus considered talking to the Samaritan woman courageous? Where is God calling you to live according to His values, not the world’s standards?” – Day 242, A Leader’s Values: Courage, Lead Like Jesus

Two people slowly came in, stopping abruptly when they saw the crowd of people. My eyes glazed as I stood in line for my cappuccino, focusing on something else, mentally disengaging. I had prayed this morning for the days events and to be used by God. Now the moment was at hand, and in my hesitation, the two people turned and left.

In my self-absorption, I took too long to make a decision to leave the line and cross the floor. A simple greeting to these two, explaining this wasn’t a wedding, but an event, would have been good. Inviting them to Sunday morning church might have opened up the conversation. It would give value and worth to two people who looked different than the others in the room. I learned an important lesson.

Don’t hesitate when God calls.

And don’t let annoyances distract you from the call.

God used me in other ways that day, but, even now, I am thinking prayerfully about those two adults. I wonder what would have happened had I heeded the call?