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When things pile up and deadlines lurk in the dark corners of your dreams, you know it’s time for drastic measures.

Our ezine, which published this past June for the first time, is less than one month to its second publication. The crew and I are working hard to get this issue in shape. As the publisher, this means crunch time, panic, and late nights at times. It means putting off other things that don’t have immediate deadlines. It means a lot of work. Maybe even a lot of chocolate.

Also, my crossover, science-fiction manuscript is a little over 20,000 words from being finished. I am going to make my self-imposed deadline of late December and be submitting it to a publisher for consideration in February.

This means I am looking for 15 guest posts to publish three times a week from Black Friday to New Years Day. The theme is Christmas. Whatever you wish to do with the theme is up to you. Please submit to for consideration by November 23 along with a bio and photo (photo as separate attachment). You can be as controversial as you like. It can be a piece of art you created, poetry, short story, nonfiction, or personal. Please read this to make sure whatever you submit fits my brand.

With the exception of a smattering of book reviews I need to finish or the occasional guest post from my Anonymous Blogger, I will be taking a blogging sabbatical during that time. This includes my 222 Sundays starting on Black Friday. My 222 Sundays series will stop on the last Sunday before Thanksgiving and resume again the first Sunday in January.

I will be using December to finish up editing, “The Anomaly,” submit it to my critiquers to go over it with their red pens, working on several short stories, and redesigning my website for a new launch on January 1. Without the pressure of blogging or social networking during the month of December, I will be able to catch up and enjoy the Christmas season.