Fill in The Gaps

Image copyright, 2012, Nikole Hahn; available here for purchase
Image copyright, 2012, Nikole Hahn; available here for purchase

Many news sources, including Fox News and Glenn Beck, reported on the man from North Carolina who volunteered his time to keep the grounds of the National Mall clean and mowed. Glenn Beck said, “If we really want a smaller government, it’s our responsibility to fill in the gaps.” Actually, this applies to about everything, including church. If we really want a better church, it is our responsibility to fill in the gaps!

Americans were the people who, as a minority in a Tory country, fought and won against the British who were, at that time, the greatest military on earth. Those early Americans fought bitter cold, hunger, and disease. By all accounts, we should have lost. We landed a man on the moon, invented the automobile, and the Apple computer. We brought to the world the internet. So how did we get so far as to become the lowest culture on earth where we think the world owes us everything, including a living or great church programs? Where is our initiative?

The age group that often volunteers are seniors. If you walk into a hospital, you’ll see more white and gray than brown or blonde volunteering in the halls. If we want our churches, schools, government, or (fill in the blank) to do something, we need to step forward and fill in the gap. The man using a push mower at the National Mall did it for the World War II veterans visiting that weekend. The people who helped out a local school get ready for the new year did it to ease the burdens of the teachers just returning from summer break. The people who greet you when you walk into the church, do it because they love you.

If we want a better church or government, we need to step in to fill the gap. Plenty of volunteer opportunities exist all over your community, and if you only give an hour or two a week or month, that’s something of value to that ministry or organization. It’s also character building.

How are you helping your community?