Book Review: Dark Halo

16124151Dark Halo (An Angel Eyes Novel)

Shannon Dittemore once again wins me over by her love affair with words. I have read the last two books in the Angel Eyes TrilogyAngel Eyes and Broken Wings–and Dark Halo, the last of the trilogy, holds me captive.

Jake in Broken Wings was taken by the demon, Damian. Brielle is crying over the loss in Dark Halo. Meanwhile, the celestial war between the Palatine and Heaven heats up. Damian has new eyes and his attacks are more numerous. The mystery of Brielles’ mothers’ disappearance, the fire at the elementary school, and Olivia’s presence in Stratus keep Marcus, Brielle, Jake, and Brielle’s friend in knots. Through all three books, the mystery draws the reader closer to the novel so you don’t really want to stop reading Dark Halo to even eat dinner.

What creates more tension is how Brielle is finally taken by Damian and she meets Satan in the desert. Reminiscent of Jesus’ temptation in the desert, Brielle’s struggle with the temptation to take the dark halo over the halo the angel gave to her through Jake keeps us tightly wound like a coil as we get closer to the end of the novel. Dark Halo is fantastic, full of wisdom, and worship.

Once again, Shannon Dittemore’s description of worship in her novel makes our expression of worship seem somehow dismal. Her words bring worship alive. It’s sad to come to the end of the trilogy and have to let go of Jake and Brielle. But it is a happy ending. I gave this novel five stars.

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