Fancy Wine Labels

Wine labels fascinate me. The more creative the label the more I am apt to buy that wine. Recently, I tried two different wines: Spin the Bottle and CarniVore. Both diversely different in taste and color.


Spin the Bottle has a label where the light causes the bottle to spin. It is a sweet wine. CarniVore has a black label with a tear through the center as if a carnivore had clawed it’s way through it. The wine is very dark, strong, and definitely full bodied.


Wine is enjoyable. It gives me a sense of sophistication, visions of rolling green hills, and brown horses as if life didn’t have a Google calendar sending text reminders to my phone of things to do and places to go. Of course, my sense of sophistication is partnered with bare feet propped on the coffee table! Not exactly, Vogue, and that doesn’t matter to me. What matters is the time I set aside in the midst of a full life to read, talk, or just relax without any agenda. Life is good when full of things to do, a sense of purpose, but it’s not good if every moment is filled with good things.

Wine labels are like stories or art, picturing the simple things of life, of vineyards, open air, free time and family. Good things better enjoyed together with a glass of wine, bare feet on the coffee table, and lots of cheese.