Godly Wisdom or Just Plain Annoying?


But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.—James 3:17

Lead Like Jesus sent a devotion on August 5 to my email which read:

“Many people give advice, while others are sources of wisdom. How can you tell one from the other? Advice typically comes in the form of opinion and reflects the viewpoint of the person offering it. Wisdom, the kind of wisdom that Jesus exhibited in His life, has the ring of God’s truth about it, an overarching truth that transcends human understanding. Even His enemies marveled at Jesus’ selfless, God-centered wisdom. Do you give advice or offer godly wisdom?”

Most of the time, I offer advice. I’m a fixer. We fixers are cursed with a desire to solve the other person’s problems. We want to say something, wipe away their tears or terminate their anger, but unless the Holy Spirit is involved, the advice is a patch; the kind smokers wear on their arm. The advice is not even followed half of the time. People generally confide in others to be heard, even sometimes wanting the listener to agree with them. When the listener disagrees, it can sometimes be taken as an insult or an offense. But when prayer is involved and the Holy Spirit has worked something in that other person’s heart, true change can come. That’s godly wisdom, the kind Lead Like Jesus spoke about.

It’s happened once or twice only and it’s truly a miracle of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise, I, too, have been given advice that is usually out of touch with my situation, annoying, or unwanted. My husband learned early in our marriage that when I speak to him, I just want someone to listen. That’s what most people want is a listening ear.

So I try to hear what God is telling me when someone confides so I don’t offer merely advice, but godly wisdom. When it’s godly wisdom, a life changes; not because of what I said, but because of what the Holy Spirit is doing in their soul.

Do you offer advice or godly wisdom?


2 thoughts on “Godly Wisdom or Just Plain Annoying?”

  1. I think it depends on who they are and how they ask, and what the question is. If it is some moral issue or a Bible issue, then I really try to pray before I answer so I can get my own opinion out of the way, but like you I think a lot of the time it is advice. But I think advice when it is steeped in the Scripture and through leading of the Holy Spirit can be edifying as well 🙂


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