The Hero’s Lot

heros lot

In Cast of Stones, Errol Stone is discovered by Martin and Luis in a small town and he quickly rises in importance to the church’s survival. The Hero’s Lot is the second novel in The Staff and The Sword series by Patrick Carr. Now the church is in danger of experiencing a coup as split loyalties put the kingship in danger. King Rodran is close to dying and Errol Stone is the only Omne who can read the lots cast for the new king.

Because certain factions in the church want the kingship, Errol is falsely convicted for a crime. His penance is to seek out Valon, the enemy of the church, and kill him. Errol has a compulsion set on him which means he has no choice as this supernatural spell causes him to seek Valon even when Errol knows this penance could kill him.

Once again, Patrick Carr brings to life memorable characters. He definitely knows character development and how to create change in the characters using the circumstances around them. Even the church is changing in The Hero’s Lot. The powers above are bringing change and Martin and Luis know this change is heresy to some. Interestingly enough, Carr uses the make-up of the Catholic Church to create the church in this world. I loved how Carr makes the point that, to talk to God, you don’t need someone to do it for you.

The Hero’s Lot engaged my attention from the first page to the last and I gave it five stars. I can’t wait for the third book as The Hero’s Lot left me hanging though it felt complete.

*Book given by publisher to review.


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