A Pastor Fired


Pastor Rodney Wills lost his job at Mt. Salem Baptist Church. This 26-year old man preached the Word of God for four years and was the youngest preacher in the history of this 109 year old church. He didn’t lose his job due to budget cuts. He attended a Rick Ross concert. The question here is really: What kind of shepherd would Christ want leading His church?

The opinions vary on the post at AmericaPreachers.com. People are accusing others who stand against this pastor as mockingly a “super Christian,” and another said, “Jesus hung out with sinners.” The issue goes much deeper. We can hang out with sinners without participating in their sin. Pastor Rodney loves Rick Ross and was also seen at a Lil’ Wayne concert in the month prior.

Lil’ Wayne and Rick Ross are known for having visceral lyrics okaying the rape of women. What people don’t realize is how the issue is not hanging out with sinners, but contributing money towards further productions of similar violent songs. By attending these concerts and enjoying the lyrics, the pastor is preaching one thing at his church and doing another out of the church. Many scriptures point to not looking like the world, such as 1 John 2:15 which says:

“Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

Fourteen deacons voted 11-3 to fire Rev. Wills for conduct unbecoming a pastor. Deacon Miles Langley said on AmericaPreachers.com:

“We cannot have our leader supporting people of this world who are tearing down the kingdom of God. (emphasis mine: supporting means money support.)”

A pastor has a higher standard because he leads the sheep of his church. The rest of us do not have such standards. I wouldn’t advocate songs that encourage violence on women, but someone could take issue with me when I watch rated R movies or television shows. The line we draw can be tricky. How do we honor God’s command to be holy without becoming legalistic?


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  1. Yep. I have to agree with you on this one. Leaders of the church (pastors, elders, deacons) are held to a higher standard because they are setting an example for those they lead within their church community. Also, my husband pointed out it’s the tithes of the congregation paying that pastor’s salary. I’m not surprised they didn’t approve of essentially paying for him to attend concerts of artists who promote violence against women.


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