Stumbling and Failing


In listening to the Book of Romans on my ipod shuffle, Romans 14 speaks about not causing your brother to stumble. It struck me.

Ministries use that verse mainly to apply to recovery people. It can also apply to those who are trying to lose weight. When I first began this struggle, the support all came from my husband.

Tony supported me when I said no fast food or restaurants with large portions or buffets. I had to be firm with others when they would want to go someplace that would cause me to stumble. They weren’t changing their lifestyle. Food is something I enjoy and at that time, I wouldn’t enjoy the outing if my weakness constantly challenged my new food discipline. People don’t think about this kind of stumbling.

You can’t eat your salad while someone orders take out pizza. You end up snacking on the pizza. My husband understood that weakness and chose to support me with his eating habits. This has kept his health in great form. Though I am stronger, eating right still has its challenges.

My husband eats on a dinner plate. I eat on a dessert plate. He’s skinny. I struggle. I still don’t eat at restaurants whose portions are too big or places that have buffets. I plan my eating out so my calorie intake doesn’t negatively affect my continuous goal of reaching 145. Persistence has paid off.

Forty-eight pounds later, I have learned discipline. My taste buds have changed. To say no means a better life later. I have learned, in order for someone to successfully do a lifestyle change, the whole household must support the person, too.

So when your friend or family member is trying to lose weight, support them physically by eating what they eat. Don’t order a pizza while they eat a salad. The early part of losing weight is a difficult time for them. Their stomach is still used to eating large and their mind wants what they can’t eat.

How have you supported friends or family when they were trying to get healthy?