Honeymoon in Paris

“”Yes, it can,” he said, waiting as I padded across the bare floor back to him. He pulled me into bed and looked at me steadily from across the pillow, a rueful smile upon his face. “It can last as long as we wish it. And, as the master of this house, I decree that every day of our marriage must be a honeymoon.”” Location 888-890, Honeymoon in Paris


Honeymoon in Paris by JoJo Moyes uniquely combines the stories of The Halstons and The Lefevres as they are on their honeymoon in Paris. The Halstons are distantly connected to a painting in a gallery done by Edouard Lefevres.

Liv Halston and Sophie Lefevre share similar frustrations and jealousies across the years. Liv is jealous of what monopolizes her new husband’s attention; not another woman, but a job opportunity. Liv and David are passionately in love and fly to Paris to enjoy a week away from responsibility. David brings his work with him and embraces an opportunity to woo some billionaires to allow him to build a building in Paris. Liv ends up spending the first half of the week sight-seeing Paris with her mind on David’s broken promises. She begins to regret the marriage. Another woman suffers fear and jealousy in another century.

Sophie marries a painter named Edouard. He painted nearly naked women from a questionable line of work. Many of those models are still his friends. One in particular doesn’t like that he married Sophie and sends Sophie’s warm, new-married feelings into the gutter as the lady infers Edouard would not stay married long. Sophie’s anger is not justified.

This novella is another fine example off writing by JoJo Moyes. It uniquely combines the stories of two couples from different centuries and shows how love triumphs, even argues, on a honeymoon in Paris. I gave this novel five stars.

*Book given by publisher to review.