Limitless: Devotions For a Ridiculously Good Life


While it doesn’t make false promises, Limitless by Nick Vujicic is a cheerful and encouraging read. The writer is a well-known global speaker, born with no arms or legs and has only a foot. His testimony and struggles are an antidote to someone else’s depression.

Life is possible even when you were born disabled. I can only imagine the restrictions placed on life when one is born without the usual limbs, but Nick’s parents didn’t raise him to think like a disabled man. They raised him to see life as hard, but full of opportunity if only you have the will. Nick’s life is truly an encouragement for the rest of us. We, who were born with two arms and legs, struggle with issues that feel small after reading a devotion like this. Not to trivialize each of our individual struggles, but Nick could use the excuse of his disability to stop living or be demanding.

Instead, Nick is independent in his thinking. He does have a care giver, but for the most part he has learned to adapt. It reminded me of JoJo Meyers novel, Me Before You, where the young man eventually takes his own life because he can’t imagine a quality life being unable to move from the neck down. Nick proves the quality of life depends upon you.

God has a purpose for you. Nick also believes in miracles. He keeps a pair of shoes in his closet in case God decides to give him arms and legs. He says God means for him to be this way and refers to the blind man in Jesus’ time who was blind from birth so that the miracle of his new sight as an adult would glorify God. Nick’s sense of humor is contagious. I gave this devotional five stars.

*Book given by publisher to review.