Samaritan’s Purse: Helen of Yarnell


90-year old, Helen sat in her carport surrounded by what was left of her belongings. She held her insurance papers in her hands and had the American flag at half-mast because of the 19 hotshots who lost their lives defending her town. Across from her carport is a gazebo. Her son built that gazebo and it was the only thing on her property untouched by the fire.


Helen chatted with my husband. Her spirits were high. She did not act the victim. Helen had amazing energy for her age, but her attitude is not unusual. Many people have been reporting of the graciousness of the Yarnell residents.


Multiple churches have been sending help continuously to clear the land for new construction and assisting in finding the resident’s personal items buried in soot. Tony said it was humbling. People like Helen are an inspiration. If only we could carry such an attitude in times of distress.

If you live in the area, you can find out how to help Samaritan’s Purse from here.