Honduras: Garage Sale News


Dear Friends, Family, and Network Acquaintances,

Your incredible donations of items to sell were a blessing to us. We had a poster board made up to hang at the garage sale to let people read about what our garage sale was going toward. We even put out a donation jar, too, in case one didn’t want to buy something or just felt generous.

It took us all week and I stayed up pretty late last night sorting and pricing things. Both of us are exhausted. We had three great volunteers: Cheryl with her son, Alex (from Revive and my Word Weavers Group), Laura Flood (Word Weavers), and Malina (our unofficially adopted daughter). What a help they were today! As with so many people and so much going on, the two of us would not have been able to handle it alone. The three ladies and Alex managed to handle the crowds and the money. Laura was a great help in arranging things.

Overall, we sold $683.70 worth of items. $12.75 of that total were donations. A small percentage of the $683.70 came from selling sodas. It was a hot and muggy day today.

We still have large items left which we will post and sell on Craigslist. This could potentially net us $220 more. At about 3 p.m., a storm threatened and we pulled everything in. If you prayed for no rain, God gave us the entire day short of an hour. Still awesome.

We only had a couple of hiccups which were minor. We believe it is a possibility we had something taken either accidentally or on purpose from our garage sale; and someone had taken out a heavy brick from what weighed down our garage sale sign and let the sign get blown into the ditch. The last was deliberate.

We are now at a total of $1,128.70 towards our goal. This includes $35 from the Scentsy Fundraiser. Approximately, $280 will be taken from our garage sale profits for passports which was the intent of this garage sale. This leaves us at $848.70 towards our $3400 goal. We still need $2,551.30 to get us to Honduras. There are many ways you can help us get to this goal.

Here are a few:

1: Go to dining to donate on August 3 at Applebees at the address on the flyer above. 10% of your bill will be donated to our trip. But it only works at the address listed on the file. Print it and show it to your server.

2: Buy a short story from my smashwords account. A percentage of the fee goes to me which I will put towards Honduras. Encourage your friends to buy them. https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/NikoleHahn

3: On September 30, I will be having a Jewerly Party to raise more funds.

4: The Scentsy Party is still open. https://susansells.scentsy.us/

5: In October, there will be two ways to participate in fundraising: Visit us on Halloween, as on top of our usual tradition of serving coffee and dessert to our neighborhood and candy to kids, we will have the donation jar; and a local dining to donate will be available to you here in Prescott during that month.

6: Donate directly to me. All donations are tax deductible. Write the check to FBC Prescott and put Tony and Nikole Hahn in the memo line, then mail the check to me at P.O. Box 3175, Chino Valley, AZ, 86323. If you do not live in the area and do not want to send a check, you can pay directly to my paypal account, but that is not tax deductible. Paypal account located at www.thehahnhuntinglodge.com

While certainly not meant to be last, continually pray for us. We must raise the full amount of our support as we cannot afford it otherwise. Every little bit helps. It’s not only the missionary trip itself that will change us, but the process of raising funds will also change us. It is stepping out in faith that God will provide the full amount by May, 2014. I believe that He will provide the means for us to get to Honduras, but it didn’t hurt to start a year early to raise it. ;o)

In conclusion, a huge thank you to all of you for donations, your prayers, and your love. We were both humbled by the generous donations both to the garage sale, the time our volunteers served today, and the check donations we have already received.

God bless you!

 Tony and Nikole Hahn