The Big Pimple


In the sub-heading called, Laugh at Yourself, in a devotional book called, Limitless by Nick Vujicic, he writes about a time when he had a, “huge, ripe tomato of a pimple.” His mom said to not scratch it.

Nick has no limbs and his immediate thought was, “What would I scratch it with?”

This section had me laughing. It brought back memories of me as a teenager trying to cover the ugly pimples that hit my face and chest with regularity. If you pointed out my pimple, I turned the color of a ripe tomato (and still do). It turned out that Nick didn’t have a pimple, but a swollen oil gland.

He made a point to laugh about it when people stared and soon people laughed, too. His conclusion was, “Sometimes, through our own doing, we make little problems big by taking them way too seriously. Having a pimple is part of the deal. We are all perfectly imperfect human beings–some maybe more than others–but we all have our flaws and shortcomings. It’s important to not take every little wart and wrinkle too seriously, because one day something truly serious will go wrong. Then what will you do?”

Immediately, I thought of the freakish celebrities whose faces morphed into some Halloween mask of plastic surgery because they couldn’t age gracefully and made small problems big. It’s amazing what we will do for notoriety. I recalled how big a deal a pimple was when I was a teenager. I remembered buying stock in Seabreeze, scrunching my nose at the smell, even bathing in a bottle of it just to be ready for prom. The me now would have told the me then, “Pimples are not a big deal.”

But the me back then wanted to feel beautiful.

I wish someone had told me that God thought I was beautiful, about Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, and how my desire to be loved eventually would become sexual. Love isn’t sex. The pimples were small problems compared to the problem inside of me. I desired to be loved; loved at all costs.

Jesus loved at all costs, even unto giving His life for us so that upon acceptance of His mercy and grace, we, too, could join Him in heaven one day. Pimples, wrinkles, and love handles are small problems. There are bigger things in this world to worry about, and like Nick said, one day something truly serious will go wrong. Then what will you do?

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