Getting My Feet Wet

Kayenta spring at twilight
Kayenta spring at twilight (Photo credit: CFBSr)

Missions is a Christian term. It’s when believers leave their comfort zone and venture into the world. Definitions of missions vary per person. Some view missions as leaving the country and others view missions as serving a people group whether locally or abroad. Missions have done so much good in the world. This weekend I and Tony are getting our feet wet in missions.

It’s love and curiosity that motivates me. We will be serving the Navajo Nation and learning as much from them as they will from us. We are preparing in a way for next year’s Honduras missions trip. I want to know what God is doing beyond my community. As a writer, I am curious about the Navajos. The Navajos helped us in World War II because the Japanese couldn’t decipher the Navajo Language. They were the last of the Indian tribes to get a casino on their land because of the dissension among their tribal members.

I am excited and nervous. Would you pray for us?

Also, I am accepting donations for next year’s Honduras Short Term Missions Trip. You can either send me a check made out to FBC Prescott with a memo line that says “Tony and Nikole Hahn,” and mail it to: P.O. Box 3175, Chino Valley, AZ 86323. This is tax deductible; or you can click here to contribute via Pay Pal if you don’t want to send a check and you don’t care if it’s tax deductible.  We have raised $410 dollars so far. We need to raise $2,990 dollars more in order to reach our goal of $3,400. This is a construction trip for a camp that serves disabled children.

Thank you for your support!