Book Review: Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales


Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales by Randy Singer reminds me of another novel I read. It’s a story about forgiveness and second chances. Also, what would a good story be without murder?

Landon Reed is an ex-NFL player. Convicted of a point-shaving scheme, Landon spent two years in prison. Through prison and the faithfulness of his wife, Reed manages to achieve educating himself, and after his prison time, completing law school. He realizes he needs to show the Bar that he is a changed man. This is where Henry McNaughten, founder of McNaughten and Clay, comes in.

Henry is well-known in many circles. He is a unique character in the book and takes in Landon. unbeknownst to Landon and Henry, a killer stalks the firm to avenge his girlfriend’s death. There are also complications as Landon’s new job tests his marriage. Rachel, the secretary, had an affair with one of the partners. This partner asks Landon to help defend him in a nasty divorce case with the ex-wife’s lawyer doing whatever it takes to win her case against the partner. Rachel begins to spend a lot of time with Landon and Landon doesn’t see the harm which causes him and his wife to get into an argument.

The book has some surprising twists. Yes, you know early on who the villain is, but it’s disarming the way Randy Singer builds that character. The villain appears sleazy, and yet you doubt he could really harm the people of the firm, especially as the villain begins to engage Landon’s wife in undercover journalism. Another unknown villain is not revealed until the end of the novel. This caught me by surprise. I didn’t see that coming.

Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales is an entertaining novel, and as the cover says, reminiscent of John Grisham. I gave this novel five stars.

*Book given by publisher to review.