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A Matter of Trust by Lisa Wiehl continues the Mia Quinn saga, like the Nancy Drew mysteries or that Hallmark mystery series, Mystery Woman; the main story thread is Mia Quinn’s life. The suspense and mystery take a backseat to Mia’s troubles.

This novel began with a startling murder. Mia is on the phone with her good friend, Colleen, when a shot is heard. This thunderous beginning left me breathless and flipping pages as I couldn’t read fast enough until I got to about the middle when the suspense ran out of steam. It became interesting in a Joe Friday kind of way with a touch of Hallmark. There are two possible men appearing in Mia’s life, but Mia just lost her husband months ago to a car accident. She’s not ready for an emotional relationship. She can barely keep her life together.

Mia gets back into the work force after years of being a stay-at-home mom and her old contacts welcome her into the legal fold. But having a frustrated teenage son and a young daughter to care for while taking on a high-profile case seems like lighting the fuse on a piece of dynamite. Something is going to explode and leave the pieces irreconcilably scattered if Mia isn’t careful to strike that balance. As Mia, and Charlie, the detective, investigate, drawing nearer to the real killer, Mia’s life becomes crazy. It’s a novel with subtleties and lots of messages. It’s highly political, balancing both the liberal and conservative side; neither side stronger than the other.

When A Matter of Trust focuses our eyes on Colleen’s ex-husband as a suspect in Colleen’s murder, I leaned forward with interest. The eye of the writer focuses on the ex-husband’s cufflinks. When Mia visited the ex-husband’s wife at their fancy condominium, I wondered why the writer’s “camera” had focused on these things. I asked, “Where did they get the money? Is the reason for this focus in another book in the series?”

Lisa Wiehl wrote an excellent book, even if it went from wow to merely interesting. She showed Mia’s distress through Mia’s weakness for all things salty, like chips. This is something every woman can relate to, and most mother’s will understand Mia’s struggle as a new widow with children to raise. Overall, I gave A Matter of Trust four stars.

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