An Interview With Rook Publishing

As a member of Word Weavers International (Northern Arizona Chapter), I discovered this two-year old publishing company through one of our members. As a writer, I had some questions. Sean Thompson of Rook Publishing granted me an interview.

rook publishing

NH: Why did you start Rook Publishing?

ST: Rook Publishing, a traditional print and digital publisher, was started by Sean and Michelle Thompson in mid 2011. It was started out of the desire to publish novels in a more author friendly manner. Michelle had three books previously published in the traditional manner and was used to dealing with the inequalities inherent in these traditional companies. These companies’ standard publishing practices include: limited 10-15% royalties, unbalanced contract conditions, and a lack of general communication between the publisher and the author. Together, Sean and Michelle decided that they could not only do better with the novels of close friends and acquaintances, but in the long-term, set the bar higher for publishing around the world.

NH: Describe your team and past publishing experience.

ST: Two years down the road, we have put together an exceptional team with education and experience in graphic design, journalism, layout, writing, editing, law, and marketing. Our team is ready to revolutionize the publishing industry by providing the author-friendly terms and services not available through other traditional publishers. We believe that our unprecedented policies and services will not only benefit the author more, but the success of their books as well. This is the foundation of what should be the relationship between the author and their publisher.

NH: How thorough are you in the editing and publication process?

ST: Editing is paramount to the flow and consistency of a manuscript. We recommend that potential Rook Publishing authors have their manuscript edited by a professional editor – or at least by a friend or family member before it is submitted. It is almost impossible to edit one’s own work with the amount of objective detail needed to ensure its success. It just makes sense to submit your work in the best light possible. This increases the chance that our acquisitions editors will be excited about accepting and publishing your book. It also streamlines the publishing process so that our editors can focus on the items that will make your book successful.

NH: How will the covers be designed?

ST: A book cover is a book’s first introduction to potential readers, and therefore crucial to a book’s success. Our graphic design team has over 20 years experience in digital and print visual arts. They focus on creating notable book covers appropriate to each individual book, genre, and audience. Our graphic designers are an essential part of our team and work hand-in-hand with our editors to make sure they capture the essence of the book through its cover.

NH: Any last thoughts?

ST: Though we are a small company, we are currently in the process of publishing four manuscripts and are reviewing and considering several others. We are excited as we take our company to the next level by putting into practice what we have carefully engineered: revolutionizing the publishing process, while making author’s dreams come true. Please check out our website for more information: We look forward to reading your manuscript!


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  1. Beverly Podraza July 23, 2013 at 2:16pm Hi Nikki, I am working on a synopsis of my book “Sandals of the King” to submit to Rook Pub. I got to thinking. will they consider a biblically based story, or are they strictly mainstream? It’s not a preachy book just fun and lighthearted but it’s main theme is to teach the life of Christ. The site was recommended to me by a member of our Word Weavers group.


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