Clark Kent, Peter Parker, and Bruce Wayne Need to Retire

Spider-Man vs Beer Belly
Spider-Man vs Beer Belly (Photo credit: Niccolò Caranti)

Movies like Superman, Spiderman, and sequels like Fast and Furious or Terminator are redundant. Many wonderful novels exist in all genres that would make great movies. Instead, novels-to-movies are happening on Hallmark and other channels, or rarely on the big screen like Nicholas Sparks novels (eight novel-to-movies in all since 1999).

Why not make Beckon by Tom Pawlik into a movie? The special effects would be amazing and the plot unique. I know the movie business has to make money and so they capitalize on the special effects to make blockbusters like Fast and Furious. I remember a time when we all looked forward to two times a year, Christmas and Memorial Day, when the best movies came out. Each were unique, even though you always had the repeats at one time or another. The cost of movies are also prohibitive.

When you see a movie, you are paying nearly $30 for two people for tickets and snacks (We don’t like popcorn and don’t drink soda much). The tickets by themselves are $14. Because Christ created in me a new heart, I don’t feel comfortable sneaking snacks into the movie theater. The theaters have overhead and employees to pay for and it isn’t right. It’s stealing.

So when I go out to see a movie, I don’t want to see a sequel unless it’s Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter-like movies where each film is a new story, not Batman whose had eight faces since 1966; or Spiderman, who has had four films made of it with a fifth expected in 2014 starring Andrew Garfield. That makes three different faces of Spiderman since 1977. Superman has been re-made since 1948. He’s had ten actors play him. Where are the great films?

To get me into the movie theater, the stories have to be new, like 42 or Homerun. Both were fantastic movies. It needs to be worth, not only my time, but my money, too. Making movies should strike a balance between art and business. If you are a producer, I would love a short article from you on why Hollywood chooses to re-make movies rather than be creative. In my opinion, Hollywood needs to broaden their focus and retire Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, and Peter Parker (or give them dysfunctional grandchildren or something).

*If you are a Hollywood producer, you can contact me at to write the article.

What movie-from-novel have you seen in theaters in 2013? What did you think of it? Write a short review in the comments.


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  1. I do agree about the rehashed movies. There needs to be more originality in hollywood. However, don’t mess with my superhero movies. 🙂


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