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Note: Anonymous Blogger is someone who passes on handwritten blog posts to inform us on bills moving in the house and senate, whether nationally or at the state level. Because of her hard work, I have given her a platform. However, with the publication of my magazine, I have not been able to publish it until now. SO if something has already passed, forgive me.

Juli Riches Photography
Juli Riches Photography

For the Arizona State Senate and House:

1: Contact: Steve Pierce to support SB1376, a common sense reproductive technology bill (pro-life legislation).

2: Call Karen Fann and Andy Tobin – Ask them to support passage of HB2446–a church property top law–will prevent overreach by the government of heavy-handed tax fines. Will clarify the law that states churches are exempt from property tax under Arizona law.

3: Call Steve Pierce and ask him to support SB1172 which removes the itemized requirement in order to qualify for the Working Poor Tax Credit, which will allow for more charitable contributions under the credit.

4: Call Karen Fann and Andy Tobin to support passage of the following bills:

      A – HB2458: Places anti-fraud safeguards in the Empowerment Scholarship Program while still ensuring that parents are protected from honest mistakes.

      B – HB2617: Expand the corporate tax credit to allow LLC’s and S corporations to donate to provide more scholarship money for students in foster care, students with special needs, and students from low-income families.

      C – HB2169: Ensures that no student tuition or fees may be used for political campaigns.

      D – HB2645: Exempts church-owned preschools and schools from paying unemployment insurance taxes as they have been exempted from prior to 2012 when the Department of Economic Security inexplicably changed its policy.

      E – HB2600: Increases the number of judicial candidates that must be sent to the governor for consideration from 3-5 and requirres commission votes to be made public.

5: Call House Speaker, Andy Tobin and ask him to allow all of the labor reform bills to get out of the Rules Committee and go to the House to be voted on. Also, ask him to support Payback Protection – SB1182, HB2438, HB2026, HB2330, and HB2343.

Thank you.

Anonymous Blogger