Prayers of Generations Past


“Then this thought burst into my mind, “After I am in heaven with Jesus, the only way I can still affect the generations that follow is through prayers I prayed while living on this earth!” Tears emerge. Heart warms. God bumps ignite. We see this over and over in God’s Word where God’s promise is fulfilled in the generations to follow. For example, Jesus prayed in John 17 for future believers in Him, which includes those even today. Wow, His prayer is still coming to fruition.” – Pg. 24, My Prayer Chair, RLM Ministries.

Carla McDougal, in her new book, My Prayer Chair, said in the third chapter how she got God bumps when her great-great uncle told stories of how many believers sprouted on their family tree. The stories he told touched her heart and she reflected on Psalm 145:4 how, “one generation will praise Your works to another…” What would that look like?

Was it when my aunt scrawled her God-notes on cards to me? Did she whisper prayers about me as she wrote those notes and put in her “treat money?” I think she died before she knew the fruit of her prayers in my life and what God would and still is doing in it.

Carla wrote, too, how Jesus prayed for believers not yet born. I thought about how Abraham was told by God that he would become the father of Israel. He would not see the fruit of his prayers in his generation. Carla asked, “What prayers are being prayed that are being answered today?”

What would our life look like if we had the patience to pray for someone even if we do not see the answer in our lifetime? What kind of impact would it leave if we were to pray bold prayers?

It would change us. It would change our outlook and grow us through the pain and frustration of yet unanswered prayer. I wonder if our view of God would change if we looked into the Bible and studied only answered prayer. What if we sought the answers of questions like:

1: What prayers took generations to answer by God?

2: What prayers were answered quickly?

3: What prayers did God say no to and what prayers did He grant?

Then, perhaps we should look at the substance of those prayers. Do they sound like our prayers? These are questions ruminating through my mind as I read this chapter in, My Prayer Chair.


13 thoughts on “Prayers of Generations Past”

  1. That was awesome about praying for our future generations. Only God know the future, but prayer does change things.


    1.   Missed you at Word Weavers, Christine! Yes, prayer does change things. I hadn’t before thought about prayers of past generations for future generations. Funny how things are always there in front of you and you don’t pay attention.



      1. Missed you too. I remember being quite young and thinking those old people can do alot through prayer.


  2. This post made me happy to be Orthodox, where such love-induced intercessions do not cease with departure from this world. For “He is not the god of the dead but of the living…” Mark 12:27.


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