Book Review: Broken Wings


Broken Wings by Shannon Dittemore is Book Two in the Angel Eyes Trilogy. It continues Jake and Brielle’s story and is the only novel series I love that leaves us hanging at the end, forcing us to buy the next book in the series to find out what happened.

Brielle still wears the Halo Jake gave her in Book One. Marco is with them. Canaan is still Jake’s Shield. But now Brielle’s father is in trouble. He’s met a young woman named Olivia. In the beginning chapters, Brielle can’t identity if what she is feeling is directly related to having to share her father with someone else or if the warning in the Halo should be heeded and what it means. Brielle is also having nightmares. The nightmares get stronger with each chapter.

Her father is drinking again. Olivia has encouraged it. Brielle grows more helpless as her father becomes more alcoholic than father. The demon, Damian, has also returned. The Prince of Darkness has plans to war over Stratus, Oregon and wants Brielle and Jake. Damian isn’t an active character until the later half of the novel as Jake discovers things about his past which connect him to Brielle’s father and deceased mother. Meanwhile, heaven and hell prepare for a celestial war over Stratus and Jake and Brielle are in the middle.

Dittemore successfully writes another novel, chronicling Brielle and Jake’s love story with her beautiful, earthy, and intense story telling of show more than tell. Broken Wings ends on a question mark which will force you to buy her next novel in the series, Dark Halo (August, 2013) to find the end of the story. The story in Broken Wings stops at the edge of the action. It’s the only novel where I don’t mind this technique. Normally, I hate it when novels have a beginning and middle, but the end is not in the book you are reading. Thankfully, Dittemore puts out these novels in quick succession so you don’t have to wait too long before continuing the saga. I gave this novel five stars.

*Book given by publisher to review.