Why Dove Made Me Cry

Woman (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

A blog on the Dove commercial had been circulated around Facebook. I read it, but dismissed the writer’s words. In fact, I had no plans to even make the effort to look for the commercial. The Dove commercial played before a YouTube video I watched. Unable to skip the advertisement, I paid attention, and couldn’t believe someone took issue with it.

A group of women were getting their portraits sketched. First, women walked in one at a time. The artist never turned or looked at them. Going strictly by their own descriptions of themselves, the artist sketched these women individually. Then, the artist called in the women again to ask them about a specific person in their group. The women described each other and the artist sketched them all again. When the women saw the contrast between how they thought of themselves and what others saw on black and white canvases, it became a truth moment. For some, a woman’s appearance does affect her happiness.

Have you ever tried on a dress on one of your ‘fat days?’ The dress might compliment your eyes, but that tiny bulge around your bra will completely take the joy from the experience. What was observed by Dove, in my opinion, was the low self-esteem and embarrassment at having to describe yourself to someone else. No woman is going to say her eyes are beautiful as it will come off as vain. The writer of the blog also went deep into the details about the lack of diversity of the video.

When we examine each commercial for diversity, we’re moving in the wrong direction. We’re becoming over-sensitive to the issues of race. Instead of asking whether a commercial has the right amount of black, white, or age-appropriate people, we should look to the message. The message is true of all women from all backgrounds.

How awful of Dove to tell us we are beautiful! Dove is a business and bases its product and commercials on consumer demand to target a specific audience. But let’s give credit where credit is due.

Dove has everyone talking about this commercial. A brilliant move. Dove points out how women are the harshest critics of themselves.  We’re always comparing ourselves to everyone. My BFF has better hair than I do. Does this make my butt look fat? A two-pound gain can really ruin my day.

Dove’s commercial will make most women cry (maybe not the writer of the blog I read), but Dove’s commercial means to me that women have forgotten they are loved by a Heavenly Father above and made in His image for a purpose whether you are a CEO or a housewife in the suburbs.

God doesn’t make ugly.

Let me say it again: God. Doesn’t. Make. Ugly.

So the next time you see that commercial, rather than criticize a message that says women are beautiful, applaud it. Cry over it. Then, remember how love makes everything beautiful from the oldest, deeply lined face of a senior to the rosy cheeks of a toddler. Life is vibrant and so are you. We don’t need make-up artists or photo shop for that!

Did you watch the Dove commercial? What did you think? Can you relate to it?

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