Take My Fractured Pieces and Make Me Whole


“As a result, your prayer life changes to a twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week living, walking, breathing relationship with Jesus. Begin now drawing nearer to Him in prayer.”Pg. 20, My Prayer Chair, Reflective Life Ministries

“Life begins to feel fractured when I don’t often seek Him in prayer,” I said to my friend. Lots of good things are crammed into every spare nook and cranny, making use of the time He has given me, and striving to be wise in the stewardship of that time. But we can get carried away.

Our pastor once preached how even good things can keep us from greater things. In this case, my friend spoke to me about how good it was to sit with Jesus and get into His Word after a prolonged absence. She felt fractured.

I agreed. Many times when good things make me crazy, I feel like a plate that has shattered on the floor—in pieces, frenzied, and yearning for rest. Carla McDougal said prayer is, “twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week living, walking, breathing relationship with Jesus.” This is true and that makes my Sundays easier.

My Sundays are for service, not worship. Because I serve, it’s hard to worship in the traditional sense. The band is playing and I am letting God use that day to stretch me, make me uncomfortable, and change me by serving. In ministry, you see and feel too much. It can become overwhelming which is why my worship of Jesus happens seven days a week through conversation and prayer; and what I need is that time on Jesus’ lap in His Word.

That’s when Jesus takes my fractured pieces and gently puts them back into place. He eases away the stress and helps me love better when I make time for Him.

I mean, we make time for our friends to shop, to drink coffee, or to go on a road trip; so why do I put Jesus last? Isn’t He my friend, too?

So I am making a more conscientious effort to make time for Jesus in my prayer chair, my prayer bed, or my prayer kitchen. Some people have prayer closets. I sit in places of my house where it’s most comfortable—the place that matches my mood. Everyday is a chance to worship Him with what we do and how we live; in how we pray.

Are you feeling fractured this morning?

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3 thoughts on “Take My Fractured Pieces and Make Me Whole”

  1. Thank you for sharing another My Prayer Chair post. Oh, the blessing of praying 24/7 is a gift from Him. Do we really receive that gift with honor and humbleness? I know I fall short of this in many cases. I am reminded once again to seek Him with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength through prayer. Blessings flow!


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