Real Life Meets Acura

You step out of your lumpy, twenty-year old mattress, slide out of your cheap, walmart sheets, and slip on your Target-bought slippers—the one where your big toe sticks out.

You step into your leaky shower and fix the handle that flops back and forth.

You grab your thin, thread-bare towel.

You slide on your ratty jeans and faded shirt. You put on your Kmart Casio watch.

You grab a cup of coffee from your so-so coffee maker.

You put in a teaspoon of your store-brand sugar.

You step out of your cookie cutter house.

You step into your affordable, economy USED car.

Which makes everything else seem…perfectly satisfying.

This is based on the Acura commercial. I feel my advertisement better fits most Americans. Agree?


8 thoughts on “Real Life Meets Acura”

  1. I love this Nikki. I can’t tell you how that commercial annoys me. You should produce this in a video format and shoot it out to youtube. It would go viral.


  2. This is great!
    We’ve never met, and yet you’ve described my life with amazing accuracy.
    Whenever I sigh and grab that threadbare towel, I can hear my mother saying, “Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Or do without, ” and then I feel quite virtuous:)


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